Pipe Fusion & Welding Equipment Repair

I have a Mc Elroy certification in pipe fusion and welding equipment repair and maintenace and I have several years of experience working for Snelson Companies. In addition, I am capable of attending to a variety of commerical equipment repair issues. The following is a list of pipe fusion equipment I am familiar with:

Mc Elroy pipe fusion repair

McElroy Plastic Fusion Gear

  • Repair irons, mini macs
  • 2 inch, 4 inch & #14 butt fusion jigs
  • Sidewinders
  • #28 Machine & 618 Machines

Pipe Threading Machines

  • Ridgid Threading Machines
  • 535 Machines

hole hog repair

Pipe Beveling Equipment

  • Spiders
  • Electrical Controls - Electric Motorized Spiders
  • Most all McElroy & Mueller
  • Sawyers, H&M, Mathey Dearman
  • Mag Drills
  • Hydraulic Tools

Pipe Bending Machines

  • Pipe Bending Machine Service & Repair

Welding Machines - Gas/Diesel

  • Wire in kits for the Lincoln SA250 AC
  • Gas and Diesel & Classic II & III on the Welders

Mueller Steel Tapping Gear

  • Repair, maintain, and rebuild D5 and E5 tapping machines and plugging machines H-17135
  • Repair components for the steel tapping gear sets

Hydraulic Wrenches

  • Repair and service Hytorc & Torcup hydraulic wrenches
  • Rebuild and repair electric or air driven pumps

Hole Hogs

  • Also known as moles, missiles, hogs, and boring tools

Pipe Positioners